Be a part of a phenomenal group of like-minded aspiring and established women entrepreneurs on Thursday 27th September 2018 so you can continue to grow and develop yourself and your businesses, in a relaxing evening where you can EXCEL!

What Participants Enjoy about WE EXCEL

Having the opportunity to be around other entrepreneurs and knowing that your challenges are not as embarrassing as you think.

Kristy AlexanderCreative Focus Ltd.

Practical and implementable answers! Having a safe space to speak about our journeys, fears etc.

Felicia ChangPlaintain Publishing Ltd.

Quality of speakers, personal experiences shared.

Amanda Marie PaulParty & Events Co Ltd.

The truth being brought to the table.

Lorayne AtwellSorella Sales and Services

W.E. EXCEL Was Designed For:

Aspiring Women Entrepreneurs

Women Entrepreneurs with a business idea/s who have not yet taken the leap towards entrepreneurship. Glean from others, expand your network and get the encouragement you need to begin your “amazing race to entrepreneurial freedom”!

Part Time Women Entrepreneurs

Women Entrepreneurs who are part time in your business because you still have a full time job, or you have kids to take care of or because that is how you chose to set up your business. Come to find out how to transition to full time entrepreneurship, learn how to juggle all your responsibilities, or maximise what you have created to date!

Established Women Entrepreneurs

Women Entrepreneurs who are full-time in your business and are looking for ways to invest in themselves and their business further. Come to learn and gain valuable insights towards you and your business’ growth to get to the next stage of your desired growth.


Why Attend

  • Engage Your Passion

    W.E. Excel will ignite the entrepreneurial passion within you, encouraging you to do and achieve more. Take control and live your life by design and not by default!

  • Exchange Ideas

    Share your experiences with others who can relate to your entrepreneurial journey and pain. You are no longer alone!!

    There is so much you can learn from simply talking with others in your own or other industries. Receive fresh ideas you can begin to implement in your business for continued success!

  • Enjoy Great Food & Company

    Connect with others through good food. Enjoy a delicious meal all whilst learning and growing with others. Your business demands your time and energy, but you also need time to replenish your mind and body. WE EXCEL enables you  to do both simultaneously GUILT FREE!!!

  • Create Strong Networks

    YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Get the opportunity to network with like-minded women entrepreneurs and also raise your visibility,  exchange ideas and knowledge in a relaxed atmosphere. Meet a variety of Women Entrepreneurs who can provide advice, products and services,  referrals and other opportunities. Remember, it’ not who or what you know but about who knows you!

  • Learn From Experienced Entrepeneurs

    Get up close and personal! Learn from the successes and challenges of a women entrepreneur who has a plethora of entrepreneurial experience in multiple fields. This is a great learning opportunity for women entrepreneurs to learn best practices in the field and how to apply it to your business development. Hear her story,  ask questions and receive answers to help you work through your challenges.

Limited Spaces Available!

Speaker + Business Mentoring + Dinner +Networking + Post Event Support

Meet Our Speaker

Dianne Hunt

Dianne Hunt

Founder and Managing Director - Dianne’s Tea Shop

Dianne’s successes – as the co­founder of the highly successful ‘Radical Designs’ fashion brand; as the driving force behind Fashion Week Trinidad and Tobago’; and as the visionary behind ‘DH Gift’ and Dianne’s Tea Shop – might give one the impression that she has led a charmed life, but this is far from the reality. As the young daughter of a seamstress and mechanic, life in Curepe for Dianne and her brothers was far from picture­perfect. Her achievements in the Caribbean fashion sector and currently, with her home décor and tea shop, have come from a lifetime of hard work and her drive to transform her creativity into worthwhile ventures of benefit not only to herself but to the people whose lives she has touched with her talent.

About the Facilitator

Georgina Terry, the Passions to Profitability Expert, is a qualified accountant (ACCA) and coach with over 20 years’ experience in finance, training, facilitation, project management, mentoring, leadership & business coaching, strategic planning & change management implementation. She is also an international inspirational speaker and author of the bestselling book The Amazing Race to Entrepreneurial Freedom. She is the Founder/Managing Director of BPD Associates Limited for over 10 years.
She is also a certified InfoDev World Bank facilitator co-facilitating a World committed to increasing the number of investable Growth Oriented (GO) women entrepreneurs.
Georgina is originally from London, England. Prior to moving to Trinidad in 2001, she worked for The Economist Newspaper Limited and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Your Investment Options

  • Individual
  • $600
  • Regular Ticket once registered and paid by Early Bird Date (21st September 2018)
  • Groups of 3
  • $500
  • Price per person if registered and paid by Early Bird Date (21st September 2018)
  • Groups of 5
  • $450
  • Price per person in groups of 5 or more, if registered and paid by Early Bird Date (21st September 2018)

All tickets are $650 per person after the Early Bird Date (21st September 2018). No group rate will apply after the Early Bird has ended.

Payment Details

  • Directly at a Scotiabank
  • Details

    Payee: BPD Associates Limited
    Account: 3889755
    Branch: Ellerslie Plaza

  • Credit Card & Paypal
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  • At Our Office
  • Details

    ESG Business Suites
    9-11 Fitt Street, Woodbrook
    (Linx, cheque or cash accepted)


Dianne’s Tea Shop

W.E. EXCEL will be held at Dianne’s Tea Shop, located at 119 Long Circular Road, Maraval, Port of Spain. Dianne’s team shop offers a unique dining experience and the atmosphere creates an experience of its own. W.E. will EXCEL together as ambience, great food and company combine.

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